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Interesting news items and opinions this week

"Right wing media isn't happy that women are protesting."

"Americans don't like political correctness"---but an interesting breakdown of different political and social views of different demographics.

"The threat of tribalism" upon the constitution and democracy

"Georgia's GOP secretary of state (who's also running for governor) is preventing thousands of black residents from registering to vote"

"Nearly all states slashed college funding over the last decade"

Too late now, but the Washington Post had urged a No vote on the Kavanaugh confirmation.

A potentially positive outlook on climate change

North Dakota court makes it harder for many Native Americans to vote

Deported parents may lose children to adoption

Chief Justice Roberts orders an ethics investigation about Kavanaugh:

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Landscape: Frederic Edwin Church

I'm doing some research on the art of F. E. Church---and I keep forgetting where I found these two sources online. So I'm posting them here!

Church, "The Heart of the Andes" (1859), Metropolitan Museum of Art. Copied under fair use principles.

Two Views from Women about the Kavanaugh Hearings

If anyone wants a chance to read two views of women's responses to the Kavanaugh hearings, these two articles provide a fascinating comparison.

Personally, I'm on the side of the women of the first article, who seek change for women and a greater seriousness toward issues of assault, etc. The investigation of Mr. Kavanaugh was so short and rushed---especially compared to how exhaustively the GOP leaders went after the Clintons---and you could conclude that Mr. Kavanaugh did not get the benefit of a thorough conclusion because of it. And to see advocacy toward women in the words and actions of the president and many GOP leaders in Congress, is something I just can't see.