Thursday, July 23, 2009

Moving, part 5: Utah D

Five weeks after we moved from Akron, OH, to St. Louis, MO, I'm finally back to blogging. Our house is in pretty good shape now, although the guest room is undecorated and the basement is still filled with unpacked boxes. Since we're renting this house for a year, some of our belongings will probably remain in boxes, although I'm in the process of sorting. Do we really need this or that keepsake if it's tucked away unseen?

An update on my post "In Circulation" from 04/19/09. In 1999, my dad, Emily, and I started collecting the "state" quarters as they began to be minted (5 a year for 10 years). Dad died later that year but E. and I continued to collect them. Last year, quarters for all 50 states were minted. The only one we couldn't yet find in change was "Utah" from the Denver mint. I finally found one Tuesday, which was Dad's birthday.

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