Saturday, January 8, 2011

"A Book of Biblical Proportions"

For anyone interested in learning how books and sections of the Bible fit together, I've posted five informal essays tracing themes, typologies, story arcs, prophecies, allusions, and other connections within the Bible. I also include brief summaries of each Bible book.

This project is part of a leisurely time of personal, midlife rereading and re-studying the Bible. Many of us aren't really very clear about the "shape" of the Bible (which is after all an extremely long and forbiddingly complex book, no matter how much we honor it as God's Word and "the good book"). I had a lot of information about the Bible floating around in my head (plus much information written in my old Bible, and assorted academic and popular reference books around the house), but I felt the need to think more clearly about the Bible's interesting interconnections. Hopefully this material will be helpful!

My five essays are found at: Please feel free to add comments.

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