Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hump Day Prayers

Dear Lord, a big thing on the minds of many people is the winter weather in many parts of the country. Protect us as we travel on slick highways. (In particular we remember those who drive professionally.) Help those who have to be outside in the very cold temperatures. Protect workers who clear roads, repair downed power lines, fight fires, provide emergency medical care, and otherwise are on emergency duty. Watch over children who are playing outdoors on "snow days." Protect those who are struggling without power, and those who are using potentially dangerous things like space heaters in order to keep warm. Help parents find options when they have to juggle work and childcare on snow days; give employees a sense of common sense and compassion toward their employees on such occasions. Help people who have been stranded on highways and those who have had to stay in facilities like schools because they've been unable to get home. Also help airplane travelers as they face canceled flights, missed connections, and travel delays. For these and other favors, we ask for your care and refuge, in Christ's name. Amen.

(The idea of "Hump Day Prayers" came from my college friend's blog "Le Padre Ver Livre,"

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