Friday, March 20, 2015

Interfaith Days: Ostara

Today is Ostara, the Wiccan/Pagan festival of the vernal equinox. Ostara is a version of the name of the German goddess Eostre, from which we get the name "Easter." The symbols of Eostre are the rabbit (or hare) and eggs, symbolizing fertility and new life. As this site indicates, "The purpose of Ostara is to celebrate the rebirth, the new beginning of a new life and to honor gifts that nature has presented us. For that reason, pagans celebrate this day in many ways, and these activities are similar with Easter, such as: egg hunts, egg painting…  It’s also the right time for them to have a good feast that has been stored from the winter months and enjoy fun with their family and friends. Besides, pagans also take a walk and visit the nature surrounding them, paying attention to all the changes in the atmosphere, even the little one. That’s when they are looking for the balance of their lives as well as showing their love towards nature." This site gives more information about the vernal equinox in different cultures, as well as this site.

This post was my 900th on this site, woo hoo!

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