Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Interfaith Days: Birth of the Bab, Guru Granth Sahib Installation

In the Baha'i faith, today is a time of celebration for the birth of the Bab, one of the founders of the faith. He was born (named Ali Muhammad) on October 20, 1819, in Shiraz, Persia, of the lineage of the Prophet Muhammad. It is one of the three days that commemorate the Bab (also the declaration of his mission on May 23 and his martyrdom on July 9. As this site indicates, the day is celebration with no work, formal dinners in Baha'i communities, and other events.

In the Sikh faith, today is also the remembrance of the eternal installation of the holy books Granth Sahib. As this site indicates, "On this day in 1708, the ninth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, announced that he would be the last in a line of living Sikh Gurus. Today, the sacred collection known as the Adi Granth was officially installed as the 10th and everlasting Guru, named Guru Granth Sahib." This site also gives information about the sacred text's compilation, and this site also provides the background of the text and Sikh beliefs.

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