Sunday, January 24, 2016

For All the Saints: Francis de Sales

This famous saint (who lived in 1567 till 1622), was Bishop of Geneva, known for books like Treatise on the Love of God and Introduction to the Devout Life. He was canonized in 1665 and declared a Doctor of the Church in 1877. Son of a noble family, he had a privileged background, but a religious crisis led him to devote himself to the Virgin Mary, to dedicate his life to God, and to affirm the God of Love in his practice and writings. The king of France appreciated Francis because he was both a devout Catholic and an educated gentleman of noble background. When he became Bishop of Geneva, his resided in Annecy because of the dominant Calvinism in Switzerland. He was known for his gentleness and patience, traits that he practiced as a result of his focus upon God's love and Mary's love.

The site that I use to learn about Roman Catholic saints has this nice piece about Francis:

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