Thursday, September 29, 2016

Headache (Poem)

I want to take off my head
and float it in hot but not boiling water
and the reattach it (with just
a quarter-turn) and go about my day
without that pain from my nape
to my temples, that even an amateur,
family massage couldn’t help.

I want to take off my head
and kneed it on a table, not out of shape
but to work those muscles below the scalp,
and I’ll feel so much better for my work
and not share my sourness with others,
because a headache spreads.

I want to remove my head and return it
for more handsome, smarter,
but close enough to the way I am
so that people would see me and say,
You’re looking good! What’s different? 
You must’ve gotten great rest 
when you had that headache.

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