Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hump Day Prayer

Dear Lord, we thank you today for the good things in our lives. Some of my Facebook friends are posting daily expressions of gratitude throughout November as we approach Thanksgiving. This morning I thought of the joys of my career, the happiness of our family, the goodness of being currently free from serious illness, the peace that comes from secure finances and bills paid. We take these things for granted sometimes----until trouble comes---but we make an effort to be grateful more frequently.

As always we raise to you people we know: friends and family, friends with whom we share time on social media, people whom we know at work, and people we know through volunteer organizations to which we belong.

Where I live, the weather is rainy, and there were accidents on some of the local highways. We ask for safety and awareness as we drive in any kind of inclement or risky weather, and we ask for your help to persons hurt in accidents.

We raise to you specific sorrows in our hearts................ and we name specific requests for ourselves.............. and for others.................. We ask for your help for this situations in our nation and world.......................

As we strive for consistent gratitude in our feelings and attitudes, we give you praise for your kindness, patience, and generosity toward us. In your holy name. Amen.

(The idea of "Hump Day Prayers" came from my college friend's blog "Le Padre Ver Livre,"

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