Saturday, May 16, 2015

Interfaith Days: Lailat-al-Miraj

Today is Lailat-al-Miraj, the Muslim commemoration of the day (27th day of Rajab) when the Prophet Muhammad ascended into heaven. The Prophet was visited by two archangels at the Ka'ba; the archangels give him a winged steed which carried him to "the Farthest Mosque" (believed to be the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem), where Muhammad and past prophets join in prayer. He was then taken to heaven where he was told to teach the duty of Salat (prayer) five times a day. The Qur'an (17:1) tells part of the story of the Prophet's journey and ascension, and the Hadith provides other details. The day is an important Muslim day and is observed with special prayers at a mosque and with special nighttime prayers at home, as well as telling the story to children.

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