Tuesday, November 3, 2015

For All the Saints: Martin de Porres

Martin de Porres Velázquez, O.P. died on this day in 1639, aged 59. He was a lay brother of the Dominican order, known for his tireless work for the poor. Living by an austere personal lifestyle, he begged a considerable amount of money each week to care for the sick and poor of Lima, Peru. Biracial, he was allowed to join the Dominicans even though his superiors normally disallowed black persons. He also set up a children's hospital, an orphanage, and an animal shelter for the care of sick stray animals. He was beatified in 1827 and canonized in 1962. He is the patron saint of people seeking interracial harmony and of mixed-race persons. See also: catholicsaints.info/saint-martin-de-porres/

Thank you, Lord, for Marin de Porres.

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