Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Called of God on Another Timeline

I posted this hundred-year-old postcard on Facebook the other day, simply because I liked it. (Some friends promptly found the location on Google Earth.) Thinking of pop-cultural references to timelines on shows like Community and Big Bang Theory, I wrote that I love such scenes so much, perhaps I’m a country pastor on another timeline …

My own silly joke stayed in mind. I did on-staff parish work for several years, and in hindsight, I was happiest when I served small rural churches, not dissimilar to this. One day at my first parish, lonely and unsure of myself, I had a moment of surrender to God to lead me along this vocational path if it were God’s will. What happened, instead, was a different path, which included freelance writing of curriculum for Sunday school classes--but the dear folks I knew in that place always inspired me in my heart as I followed that particular ministry.

I’ve known people who regret that they didn't pursue a different vocational path sooner, including those who entered the pastoral ministry in their middle age. If any of us have such struggles, perhaps we should just trust that God has a role in guiding us along our timeline, so to speak. Even as God helped or led us in "this" direction, God is pleased that we were willing to go in “that" direction, too. We build upon the circumstances and experiences of our lives, knowing that God is at work therein (Romans 8:28).

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