Saturday, March 12, 2016

Campaign articles

Every once in a while on this blog, I like to collect articles on current, pressing events. Right now I feel like I need to do my part in publicizing the destructiveness of the Trump campaign (although most of my friends and FB folks who express opinions feel similarly). Much information and commentary on which to reflect!

Here is an article on yesterday's cancelation of the Trump rally in Chicago.

Rachel Maddow exposes Trump's deliberate inciting of violence at his rallies:

An essay by Mohammad Fairouz that "Destructive language has no place at the table"

There are several articles lately about the fact that Trump is an outcome of years of Republican political tactics, during and before the Obama administration. Here is an article, "Donald Trump is the candidate the GOP deserves."

And a recent essay by Fareed Zarkaria, "Where were the Republican moderates 20 years ago?" (or even the moderates of a few years ago who could have decried Sarah Palin):

And also President Obama's words to the GOP leaders and others: "I didn't create Trump, your bigotry did"

The NYT has this op ed piece this weekend, "Trump is a threat to national and international security."

Another interesting essay, that Nancy Reagan's passing also marks "the end of Reaganism." The new issue of Time Magazine, which came in the mail this morning but which I haven't yet read, includes a cover story on this same topic.

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