Saturday, September 21, 2013

Interfaith Prayers

Continued prayers from previous weeks' posts for Syria and Egypt, and Myanmar, as well as Iraq and conflicts on the West Bank. Prayers for Muslims in all these regions who are suffering from violence and unrest; also for Christians in Egypt and Iraq, and the Christian community in Aleppo in Syria, where Christians have felt threatened by jihadists seeking to eradicate anyone who is not an ultraconservative Sunni. Also continued prayers for the economy in India.

Also: the victims of the terror attack in Kenya this weekend and the (currently) ongoing situation.

Republican lawmakers in Congress narrowly voted to cut food stamp benefits, although there is still a veto threat. The SNAP problem is controversial but however you feel about these kinds of benefits, pray for persons who have inadequate resources, that they may find suitable help.

Pray for persons in Colorado where flood waters have been devastating. Also, tropical storm Manuel resulted in great destruction in towns in Mexico this week. A typhoon has caused destruction in the Philippines and is heading for Hong Kong. Also, an earthquake struck Pakistan this week.

Also in Pakistan, concern about treatment of girls has resulted in imams devoting sermons about girls and a special emaphsis, “My Daughter Is a Blessing, Not a Curse”,

And a different kind of news: members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have been disseminating information about the church in the wake of the success of the musical “The Book of the Mormon.” The Mormon population in England is fairly small.

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