Friday, September 6, 2013

The painter Peter Barker

A few months ago, I "liked" a Facebook page called Mia Feigelson's FB Gallery. One day, she featured an English artist named Peter Barker, with whom I was unfamiliar. But I loved his landscapes that she featured. I found Barker’s website and ordered a calendar (not realizing that postage to the United States wasn’t included in the cost), so that for now I could soon enjoy some of his paintings in my office (maybe while listening to British music:

I wanted to share Barker's website so you can see his beautiful paintings:  From that website, here are several links to galleries:

Barker’s website indicates that he is a self-taught artist who gave up a career in professional golf in order to devote his time to art: “Peter's passion for the British countryside is reflected in his work which conveys an acute sense of observation and knowledge. Often he returns to the same wood, stretch of river, or coastline, portraying it in different weather, season and time of day. ... He has not settled into any one niche of painting; rather, he finds painting such a wide variety of subjects, from landscape, marine, wildlife, still-life and portraits, both on a large scale and small, in oil, pastel, acrylic or watercolour, keeps his work fresh and his desire to paint unceasing, limited only by the number of hours in a day. He paints both in the field 'en plein air' and in the studio at home in Rutland.”


  1. Greetings,
    I'm Mia Feigelson and I'm really happy that you got to know Peter Barker's amazing Paintings through my posts.
    Mission accomplished :)
    Needless to say how passionate about Art I am.
    Thanks for your comment !!!!
    Kind regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina