Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hump Day Prayer

My friend and former classmate Jim Kane has a blog called "Le padre ver livre," for which I'm signed up for alerts, and on which he includes weekly "Hump Day Prayers." (He also has excellent sermons and book reviews at the site). I love that idea of midweek prayers and realized I needed one today my energy and mood sagged a bit.  Here is the first of what I hope will be ongoing Wednesday prayers.

Dear Lord, we thank you for the signs of autumn that have already begun: leaves scattered upon the ground and sidewalks, trees turning color, acorns on the ground (crunched beneath tires). As the psalmist says, we are foolish if we do not recognize your glory in the glories of the natural world.

We ask your blessings and help for the problems and challenges that other people are facing, some because of larger problems in our government, society, and world. Help us to know the ways, even very small ways, in which we can contribution in your name to a better world.

We ask for your grace and help for the leaders of our religious organizations and local communities. We name persons in our hearts who have certain needs this week: ____________________.

Help us to have renewed spirits and stamina as we continue through our tasks of this particular week. We also for your help as we seek to grow in trust and faith through everyday challenges. Forgive us when we allow small annoyances to dictate the way we treat others.

As my friend Jim puts it, "May the glorious color of our fall reflect the glorious color of who You are - loving, gracious, merciful, just, and holy."