Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hump Day Prayers

from the Sojourners
Facebook page
Dear Lord, we come before you in mid-week to thank you for the many blessings that we take for granted. When we have good health, financial security, friends and family, reliable transportation, and functioning services, we're prone to forget what our lives would be like without them. Help us to have positive attitudes as we go about our week---now midway through---appreciating what we have. 

We raise to you people we know: friends and family, friends with whom we share time on social media, people whom we know at work, and people we know through volunteer organizations to which we belong.  

Where I live, the weather is foggy. I heard a news report of severe dust storms in Arizona, along with traffic accidents caused by that storm. We ask for safety and awareness as we drive in any kind of inclement or risky weather, and we ask for your help to persons hurt in accidents.  

I meditate on the blessings that are ours through the Lord’s passion and crucifixion, his resurrection and ascension, and the consolation and counseling of the Holy Spirit. Help us deal with difficult things in our emotions and memories. Help us to gain insight into our motivations and reactions. Help us to gain self-confidence when we feel down, and to gain humility when we look down on others.   

We raise to you specific sorrows in our hearts................ and we name specific requests for ourselves.............. and for others.................. We ask for your help for this situations in our nation and world.......................

For all blessings and your eternal presence with and for us, we thank you. In Christ’s name. Amen.

(The idea of "Hump Day Prayers" came from my college friend's blog "Le Padre Ver Livre,"

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