Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hump Day Prayers

Dear Lord, we come before you in mid-week to thank you for the many ways in which we share a common life with others. In my own circle I raise to you the people I know: my friends and family, my friends with whom I share time on social media, the students and staff and custodial staff at the school where I work, the people with whom I worship you at our local congregation, even the people with whom I share the road.

We also share in your life, as I meditate on the blessings that are ours through the Lord’s passion and crucifixion, his resurrection and ascension, and the consolation and counseling of the Holy Spirit. As we share in your life, help us to gain the peace and joy of sins forgiven, stupid decisions forgotten, and help and guidance gained.

Remove all hatred and malice and regret from our hearts. Console us as we miss particular people in our lives (and in some cases, when we miss pet companions who have died). Assure us when we feel our self-confidence weaken, when we don't feel appreciated, when our spirits grow tired.

As the weather begins to change and grow colder, provide protection for those who work outdoors and for those who do not have adequate shelter.

We raise to you specific sorrows in our hearts................ and we name specific requests for ourselves.............. and for others.................. We ask for your help for this situations in our nation and world.......................

Keep us safe from trouble and help us when distress comes as we go about our lives during the remainder of this week. In Christ’s name. Amen.

(The idea of "Hump Day Prayers" came from my college friend's blog "Le Padre Ver Livre,"

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