Sunday, May 8, 2016

For All the Saints: Julian of Norwich

The first woman writer in the English language lived from about 1343 until about 1416. She was an anchoress in Norwich who became seriously ill but, during that time, she began to receive visions of Christ and his mother. The subsequent book of her visions was Showings (or Revelations) of Divine Love. As this site indicates, "Juliana pondered the deepest mysteries of the Christian faith:  both the knowledge of God and the knowledge of self, which she believed were inseparable.  She summed up her doctrine of God in these words: ‘And I saw full surely that ere God made us He loved us; which love was never slacked, nor ever shall be. And in this love He hath done all His works; and in this love He hath made all things profitable to us; and in this love our life is everlasting.’" Very little is known of her life, even her actual name. She is honored today in the Anglican and Lutheran traditions; although she has not been beatified or canonized in the Roman Catholic Church, she is honored there on May 13.

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