Thursday, April 14, 2016

Busy Times, Prayers for Blessing

Busy times at our house during the last few weeks. Our daughter embarked on a year's post-undergrad course of study in Japan. So the days leading up to her departure the day before Easter was filled with preparatory errands (getting bank accounts squared away, obtaining cash in yen, etc.) and packing. The last weeks of Lent and Holy Week were busy with family tasks.

By now she's mostly settled in, went through long days of orientation, tests, and official folderol, and has started her classes. We have had nice Skype time, including efforts to teach the cats (there's an oxymoron: "teach the cats") to sit near the computer as we're talking. She shrugged off the tremors of an earthquake, centered elsewhere in the islands, as comparably forceful as a door slamming in her old dorm building at college. We all miss each other, Beth and I are so proud of her! and we're all thankful for this enriching opportunity.

Coincidentally, the new county history from Fayette Co., IL---my home place---arrived in the mail this past week. Our little family history is included therein, as well as many other families of local roots. Each family has its own dynamics, stories, and important predecessors.

I'm pretty good at praying for God's guidance, less good at acknowledging such blessings until I remember later. Remember us in your prayers (you who are reading this) for our ongoing well-being and for other families you know, for whom things are going great, going poorly, or are in the midst of change.

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