Tuesday, April 26, 2016

For All the Saints: Robert Hunt

The first Protestant chaplain in the New World is honored today on the Episcopal calendar. Robert Hunt (c. 1568–1608) was a Church of England victor. He had a tumultuous career in England, leaving one parish because of his wife's adultery, and leaving this second parish because of his own adultery.  He was consequently sent to North America with the London Virginia Company and arrived at Chesapeake Bay on April 26, 1607. Circumstances were horrible, as anyone knows who has studied the history of Jamestown. But Hunt found a calling as chaplain, preaching, celebrating the probable first Protestant communion service in the colonies, and helping settle disputes and quarrels among the colonists. God gives us many "second chances"! Hunt is honored with a memorial at Jamestown, and in 2015, remains found in a Jamestown church were identified as Hunt's.

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