Tuesday, April 5, 2016

For All the Saints: Venerable Mark of Trache

The 4th and 5th century saint Mark of Trache (or Mark of Athens) is honored today on the Orthodox calendar. After the death of his parents, he considered the transitory nature of all things. He donated his belongings to the poor, embarked upon the sea, and asked God to guide him. He landed in Libya and became a hermit at Trache mountain, where he lived for 95 years, struggling with temptation and eventually sustaining on food brought by angels. As the story goes, he expounded upon Matthew 17:20, where Christ talks about faith that moves mountains. At that moment, the mountain actually moved.

Here is more about Marc: http://www.orthodox.net/menaion-april/05-the-venerable-mark-of-trache.html

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