Saturday, April 23, 2016

For All the Saints: St. George, Toyohiko Kagawa

One of the most popular saints across western and eastern Christianity, St. George, is honored today, the anniversary of his AD 303 martyrdom. There is so much to know about George, in terms of his scant factual biography and the many legends, as well as devotions, prayers, and artworks concerning him: see, for instance:,_traditions_and_prayers

In the Episcopal and Lutheran churches, the Japanese pacifist and activist Toyohiko Kagawa is remembered today, the anniversary of his 1960 death at the age of 71. Author of over 150 books, he was also active in relief work, labor organization, environmentalism, the women's suffrage movement in Japan, and efforts on behalf of the poor and exploited. One of his books, Brotherhood Economics, described an economic alternative to socialism and capitalism.

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